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ggeditor icon ggeditor

A visual graph editor based on G6 and React

git-repo-go icon git-repo-go

git-repo is a command-line tool for centralized workflow, can work with Gerrit, AGit-Flow compatible servers. It is written in Golang, and it can be installed easily without further dependency. It provides an easy-to-use solution for multiple repositories which is introduced by Android repo first, and it can also work with a single repository.

graphar icon graphar

An open source, standard data file format for graph data storage and retrieval

graphscope icon graphscope

🔨 🍇 💻 🚀 GraphScope: A One-Stop Large-Scale Graph Computing System from Alibaba | 一站式图计算系统

gym-starcraft icon gym-starcraft

StarCraft environment for OpenAI Gym, based on Facebook's TorchCraft. (In progress)

handyjson icon handyjson

A handy swift json-object serialization/deserialization library

hangzhou_house_knowledge icon hangzhou_house_knowledge

2017年买房经历总结出来的买房购房知识分享给大家,希望对大家有所帮助。买房不易,且买且珍惜。Sharing the knowledge of buy an own house that according to the experience at hangzhou in 2017 to all the people. It's not easy to buy a own house, so I hope that it would be useful to everyone.

hessian2-codec icon hessian2-codec

hessian2-codec it is a complete C++ implementation of hessian2 spec

hiactor icon hiactor

Hiactor is a distributed C++ actor framework.

hooks icon hooks

A high-quality & reliable React Hooks library.

hybridbackend icon hybridbackend

A high-performance framework for training wide-and-deep recommender systems on heterogeneous cluster

hybridnet icon hybridnet

Make underlay and overlay network can coexist, communicate, even be transformed purposefully.

ice icon ice

🚀 ice.js: The Progressive App Framework Based On React(基于 React 的渐进式应用框架)

id2_client_sdk icon id2_client_sdk

ID²(Internet Device ID),是物联网设备的可信身份标识,具备不可篡改、不可伪造、全球唯一的安全属性,是实现万物互联、服务流转的关键基础设施。ID²支持多安全等级载体,合理地平衡物联网在安全、成本、功耗等各方面的诉求,为客户提供用得起、容易用、有保障的安全方案,适应物联网碎片化的市场需求。 ID² Client SDK是用于设备端开发的软件工具包,帮助开发者快速集成接入ID²开放平台.

ilogtail icon ilogtail

Fast and Lightweight Observability Data Collector

innodb-java-reader icon innodb-java-reader

A library and command-line tool to access MySQL InnoDB data file directly in Java

ioc-golang icon ioc-golang

一款服务于 Go 开发者的依赖注入框架,方便搭建任何 Go 应用。 A Golang depenedency injection framework, helps developers to build any go application.

iossecaudit icon iossecaudit

iOS Security Audit Toolit - A semi-automatic tool for iOS App security audit and iOS reverse engineering

java-dns-cache-manipulator icon java-dns-cache-manipulator

🌏 A tiny 0-dependency thread-safe Java™ lib for setting/viewing dns programmatically without touching host file, make unit/integration testing portable; and a tiny tool for setting/viewing dns of running JVM process.

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