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luaviewsdk icon luaviewsdk

A cross-platform framework to build native, dynamic and swift user interface - 强大轻巧灵活的客户端动态化解决方案

lvs icon lvs

A distribution of Linux Virtual Server with some advanced features. It introduces a new packet forwarding method - FULLNAT other than NAT/Tunneling/DirectRouting, and defense mechanism against synflooding attack - SYNPROXY.

macaca icon macaca

Automation solution for multi-platform. 多端自动化解决方案

markupoc icon markupoc

Markup is simple and useful Markup Language。it was wirtten by Js and widely used in web. We alse can use it in Native code, So we rewrite it by Objective C . When you write iOS App , you can think about it .

mbmvc icon mbmvc

An iOS Message Based MVC framework

metrics icon metrics

The metrics library for Apache Dubbo and any frameworks or systems.

mile icon mile


minion icon minion

Minion, which achieves an approach to maximize utilization of broadband traffic like BT, implemented by python and based on HTTP protocol

mirrors icon mirrors

Alibaba open source hosting service, providing mirrors of popular open source software.

mnn icon mnn

MNN is a blazing fast, lightweight deep learning framework, battle-tested by business-critical use cases in Alibaba

mnnkit icon mnnkit

MNNKit is a collection of AI solutions for mobile developers, powered by MNN engine.

mongoshake icon mongoshake

MongoShake is a universal data replication platform based on MongoDB's oplog. Redundant replication and active-active replication are two most important functions. 基于mongodb oplog的集群复制工具,可以满足迁移和同步的需求,进一步实现灾备和多活功能。

mqtt icon mqtt

Sending and receiving data of client-side message push service

nacos icon nacos

an easy-to-use dynamic service discovery, configuration and service management platform for building cloud native applications.

netpila icon netpila

High-performance application networking for large-scale production.

nginx-admin-plus icon nginx-admin-plus

Nginx admin plus is an open source multi-platform manager for nginx software, original from nginx-admin

nginx-backtrace icon nginx-backtrace

A Nginx module to dump backtrace when a worker process exits abnormally

nginx-http-concat icon nginx-http-concat

A Nginx module for concatenating files in a given context: CSS and JS files usually

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