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drl_binpacking icon drl_binpacking

3D bin packing is a classical and challenging combinatorial optimization problem in logistics and production systems. An effective bin packing algorithm means the reduction of total packing cost and increase in utilization of resources. Because the cost of packing materials, which is mainly determined by their surface area, occupies the most part of packing cost, and in many real business scenarios there is no bin with fixed size, so AI Department of Cainiao proposed a new type of 3D bin packing problem. The objective of this new type of 3D bin packing problem is to pack all items into a bin with minimized surface area. And a DRL method based on the sequence-to-sequence model is proposed to solve the problem. This is the research paper link: Source code of this method can be found in the project.

druid icon druid

阿里云计算平台DataWorks( 团队出品,为监控而生的数据库连接池

easycv icon easycv

An all-in-one toolkit for computer vision

easyexcel icon easyexcel


easynlp icon easynlp

EasyNLP: A Comprehensive and Easy-to-use NLP Toolkit

easyparallellibrary icon easyparallellibrary

Easy Parallel Library (EPL) is a general and efficient deep learning framework for distributed model training.

easyrec icon easyrec

A framework for large scale recommendation algorithms.

easyrobust icon easyrobust

EasyRobust: an Easy-to-use library for state-of-the-art Robust Computer Vision Research with PyTorch.

easytransfer icon easytransfer

EasyTransfer is designed to make the development of transfer learning in NLP applications easier.

ecommercesearchbench icon ecommercesearchbench

E-commerce search benchmark is the first end-to-end application benchmark for e-commerce search system with personalized recommendations.This work is joint with Prof. Jianfeng Zhan ( 's team, who is also the chair of International Open Benchmark Council (BenchCouncil,

etcd icon etcd

Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system

euler icon euler

A distributed graph deep learning framework.

f2e-spec icon f2e-spec

Alibaba Front-end Coding Guidelines and Relevant Tools

f2etest icon f2etest


fabric icon fabric

Read-only mirror of

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