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An Android Live Wallpaper which displays the percentage of your life that has already gone by.

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License: The Unlicense

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deathprogress's Introduction

Death Progress and Life Perspective

This is a live wallpaper for Android. It displays the percentage of your life that has already gone by. It is meant to be an always-present memento mori, provoking you to frequently think about your mortality.

See the Google Play Store listing.

Inspired by Your Life in Weeks by Wait But Why. If you want to understand the point of this wallpaper, reading that will explain it better than I can.

Uses ColorPickerPreference by skydoves.

Other thoughts on this topic

Come to terms with death, thereafter anything is possible

(Albert Camus)

Death destroys a man: the idea of Death saves him. Behind the coffins and the skeletons that stay the vulgar mind lies something so immense that all that is great in us responds to it. Men of the world may recoil from the charnel-house that they will one day enter, but Love knows better. Death is his foe, but his peer, and in their age-long struggle the thews of Love have been strengthened, and his vision cleared, until there is no one who can stand against him.

(E.M. Forster)

Roadmap and Feedback

This is a free app, developed in my free time. I do it for fun and for personal use, not for money. As such, this codebase is subject to my whims. There is no set roadmap, and I will add and remove features as I see fit, whenever I feel like it. Quality is not guaranteed.

If you have a bug report, please open an issue! While I provide no guarantees, I like to think that I'm a decent person who ships decent code, and I try to take pride in what I do. I want this app to be as bug free as possible.

If there is a feature you would like, please open an issue and we'll talk about it.

PRs are welcome too! I make no promise to accept anything. If it's a big change, you might want to open an issue to discuss it first so you don't waste a bunch of time writing a PR I won't accept.

Forking/copying this repo is also encouraged!


There are no unit tests. There is no documentation other than this file. I know, I know, how terrible! shame on me!

  • ./gradlew detekt to run the linter.
  • ./gradlew build to build APKs


This is licensed under the unlicense, since I want this code to be as unencumbered and freely available as possible. If you would prefer a different license, just open an issue.


This is a Kotlin rebuild of the original Java version.

deathprogress's People


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deathprogress's Issues

feature request: countdown mode with time

The percentage of life already passed by is a bit too abstract (for me, at least)
A countdown that calculate the time left to live in a format such as:
'years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds'
Or something in that vein, would be much more potent i believe.

real time countdown

from a review:

Would love to see seconds tick down in real time or fractions of a day, hour ticking down.

this would require:

  • option to remove rate limit on updates
  • timer or something to trigger updates while wallpaper is showing
  • option to display duration in seconds

(while I used "countdown" in the title, it should also work in count-up mode)

Upgrade minSdk?

The dev console now shows no devices lower than android 9 (sdk 28). I think setting minSdk to 26 would let us remove the desugaring, which might be nice, mostly because it's one fewer dependency.

On the other hand, there could be devices running this app that aren't reporting to Google Play, and I like the idea of keeping the minSdk as low as possible. Desugaring doesn't seem to cause any problems.

There doesn't seem to be a strong argument either way, so I'll probably default to leaving it where it's at.

Colors as hex values

I have some favorite colors from themes and sports teams for which I know the exact hex values for the color. It would be neat if I could set the colors to those instead of eyeballing it using the wheel.

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