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indigoparadox's Projects

123elf icon 123elf

A native port of Lotus 1-2-3 to Linux.

8086tiny icon 8086tiny

Official repository for 8086tiny: a tiny PC emulator/virtual machine

addash icon addash

Simplified GUI AD management script sanitized from old scripts repo

aleggo icon aleggo

Rough isometric brick building toy for retro platforms based on Allegro

amridm2mqtt icon amridm2mqtt

runs rtlamr to read IDM power meter data and send to MQTT broker

ansibleroles icon ansibleroles

A NIH collection of self-written Ansible roles useful for various things.

asmguy icon asmguy

An experimental assembly project.

base32alloc icon base32alloc

Simple C/Vala implementation of base32 taken from Google Authenticator (

beepterm icon beepterm

Crammed a bunch of stuff into a 3D printed shell w/ esp8266.

bmpico icon bmpico

Quick and dirty converter to turn 8-bit Windows bitmaps into 4-bit Windows icons with transparency

brender icon brender

Argonaut Blazing Render (BRender) 3D engine

camgraph icon camgraph

Slim and tiny abstraction library for drawing graphics, especially on retro systems. Backed by a choice of several backends as NIH backends are implemented.

camin icon camin

Super simple and lightweight input processing framework for retro machines.

cheat icon cheat

Command line cheat sheets for the cheat utility.

clippy.js icon clippy.js

Add Clippy or his friends to any website for instant nostalgia.

cloud-on-film icon cloud-on-film

Cloud-based photo album management and tagging app loosely based on Shotwell in concept.

crupid icon crupid

Experimental CGI template/plugin engine for the web.

darkstar-ui icon darkstar-ui

A rough web UI to control the database for the Darkstar FFXI server emulator.

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