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indigoparadox's Projects

diashapes icon diashapes

Homebrew networking/server shapes for the FOSS diagram software Dia.

dos3d icon dos3d

Software renderer for DOS (mode 13h)

dosfstools icon dosfstools

dosfstools consists of the programs mkfs.fat, fsck.fat and fatlabel to create, check and label file systems of the FAT family.

dotbydot icon dotbydot

A simple low-resolution pixel font editor for creating fonts to be used in retro applications, microcontrollers, and other low-resource environments.

dsekai icon dsekai

Minimal world engine for old computers. Scriptable NPCs, growable crops, editable maps, in glorious CGA (or VGA).

dsekai-wasm icon dsekai-wasm

Temporary Github pages hosting for dsekai webassembly

duktape icon duktape

Duktape - embeddable Javascript engine with a focus on portability and compact footprint

eds-clock icon eds-clock

Simple clock based on CircuitPython/QTPy and 2 displays and a HW clock from

elix icon elix

Pseudo-"operating system" portable between X86 and MSP430 with the goal of being portable to other uc architectures as well.

elix-meta icon elix-meta

Metarepository for elix and its build requirements.

elks icon elks

Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset

fliki icon fliki

Flask/sqlite-based personal wiki.

gen1 icon gen1

An experiment in using AI in C via genetic algorithms to produce similarities in image generation. Not terribly practical except for possible art creation applications.

gitbacker icon gitbacker

A relatively thorough github backup script that includes starred repos.

gme_android icon gme_android

A very old port of GME to Android 2.x. Very rough and minimal chiptunes player.

gpart icon gpart

Collating patches for gpart from all distributions

gridcity icon gridcity

A simple city-generation sim toy for retro platforms

gzdoom icon gzdoom

GZDoom is a feature centric port for all Doom engine games, based on ZDoom, adding an OpenGL renderer and powerful scripting capabilities

hatool icon hatool

Simple python CLI tool for accessing Home Assistant API

heartgrid icon heartgrid

A silly little telnet toy inspired by HeartBleed and the Commodore BASIC interpreter.

heatshrink icon heatshrink

data compression library for embedded/real-time systems

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