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indigoparadox's Projects

snek icon snek

Snek programming language for tiny systems

speeder icon speeder

Attempt at 3D space sim game we wanted to make in middle school using forbidden trigonometry

sqlite icon sqlite

Official Git mirror of the SQLite source tree

supersecretsharingscanner icon supersecretsharingscanner

Android application that uses the Java implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme to combine shared fragments that have been printed out as QR codes.

syslock icon syslock

Simple wrapper utility to lock access to a program while another user is using it.

tic-80 icon tic-80

TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

timetraywin icon timetraywin

Extremely simple system tray clock for Windows. Rather obsolete now that Windows 10 puts clocks on both screens anyway.

tinypy icon tinypy

Automatically exported from

tomato icon tomato

Our hacks/tweaks to the tomato router firmware. Mostly outdated and probably somewhat lacking in common sense.

u4 icon u4

xu4 "Ultima IV Recreated"

uaminder icon uaminder

Web-based task manager for terminal server environment (experimental).

uarm icon uarm

An ARM handheld device emulator focusing on PalmOS devices

unilayer icon unilayer

Rough low-level engine/framework for legacy and esoteric platforms

varbit icon varbit

A simple tool for cataloging/deduplication/other backup preparation tasks.

vfloppy icon vfloppy

Shell scripts for working with retro floppy images

vsphere-events icon vsphere-events

Simple script to grab events/tasks from the VCSA and put them in a database for dashboard use.

vvr icon vvr

Rough attempt to reverse engineer Design-It 3D! VVR files

weatherground icon weatherground

Tiny Windows program that takes advantage of thumbnails in Windows 7 or newer in order to quickly display the weather.

webdows95 icon webdows95

An HTML/CSS/JS tribute to an old operating system. Also a testing framework for desktop-1995 UI toolkit.

zaesbrowse icon zaesbrowse

A homespun utility for viewing backed up chat logs and creating those backups.

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