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indigoparadox's Projects

hugs98 icon hugs98

A snapshot mirror of retrieved on 2020-01-24

ifdyutil icon ifdyutil

Library of python functions useful in system administration scripts.

iffy icon iffy

Rough Amiga IFF format dumping tool

isekai icon isekai

Experimental modular network world engine based around IRC.

isekai-meta icon isekai-meta

Metarepository for isekai and its build requirements.

isocity icon isocity

A simple idle "city" simulation, defining a set of parameters under which a "city" grows on its own.

jitboy icon jitboy

A Game Boy emulator with dynamic recompilation (JIT)

lack icon lack

A lacking web-based admin Linux kernel module.

lcdbackpack icon lcdbackpack

Minimal python OS for ESP32 paired with Sparkfun LCD backpack (128x64).

libanalogtv icon libanalogtv

Trying to extract the analogtv hack engine from XScreenSaver for other uses.

libfoxpull icon libfoxpull

A library providing the ability to synchronize with old-school Firefox Sync servers. Useful for writing browser plugins facilitating the move away from the new Firefox.

libgoki icon libgoki

A simple error handling and logging library used by isekai.

libtwin icon libtwin

UI abstraction library pulled from isekai.

libvcol icon libvcol

A (relatively) lightweight C library for handling collections (hashmaps/vectors).

linux-2.4 icon linux-2.4

Mirror of the linux-2.4 series from

loxodo icon loxodo

Password Safe V3 compatible Password Vault

maidasunderland icon maidasunderland

An overcomplicated proof-of-concept hobby game engine written in python and based around the IRC protocol.

maidasunderland-data icon maidasunderland-data

Rough example data files for the MaidAsunderland project. These are mostly pulled from or created in-house.

masqminder icon masqminder

Minimalist static web server for controlling DNSMasq.

matchmouse icon matchmouse

An extremely lightweight/simple browser that gets its bookmarks/user data from Firefox Sync. Hoping to add some security/privacy features in the future, as well.

maug icon maug

Utilities for building retro projects relatively quickly

mbas icon mbas

Tiny compiler and interpreter for a subset of the BASIC language in limited environments

mbean icon mbean

Super-lightweight implementation of a certain puzzle game engine for low-res environments.

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