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indigoparadox's Projects

mbeep icon mbeep

Simple library for beeping the PC speaker on various legacy platforms

mbmp icon mbmp

Extremely tiny and limited-functionality library for dealing with Windows bitmap images. Designed to be able to operate on files a byte at a time via mfat.

mbounce icon mbounce

A tiny platformer physics engine, maybe with some other toys. Also, a python RAD demo. Mainly created with intentions of embedded development.

mcdaemon icon mcdaemon

Simple wrapper for running Minecraft/Bukkit as a daemon on a UNIX-like server.

mcity2k icon mcity2k

Simple C library for decoding/working with SimCity 2000 city files

mcurses icon mcurses

Extremely minimal terminal output control for making a TUI

mdemogl icon mdemogl

Simple demos for self education using OpenGL 1.0 for retro platforms

mdemonc icon mdemonc

Simple demos for self education using ncurses

mdemos icon mdemos

Simple demos for self education

mfat icon mfat

Extremely tiny and limited-functionality implementation of the FAT16 filesystem. Designed to be able to operate on disks a byte at a time, with the intention of accessing disks via e.g. an SPI connection on a uC.

micropython icon micropython

MicroPython - a lean and efficient Python implementation for microcontrollers and constrained systems

midimbox icon midimbox

Simple MIDI adaptor box designed to connect to PC gameport

mindi icon mindi

Extremely minimal MIDI library and beepy DOS MIDI player.

misplay icon misplay

Modular display with a common layout for raspberry pi displays.

mname icon mname

Simple, lightweight DNS client/server implementation

mnet icon mnet

Extremely tiny and limited-functionality network stack for very limited environments.

modaldapper icon modaldapper

An inline AJAX LDAP password changer, designed for (relatively) simple integration into an existing website. Just add the code, an element with the ID "modaldapper-link", and a <script> tag with the src set to point to modaldapper.js.

mood icon mood

Experimental tiny raycasting engine intending to be suitable for embedded environments.

mpyrite icon mpyrite

Absolutely tiny toy python-ish interpreter built around maug/retroflat

ms-sys icon ms-sys

Program for writing Microsoft compatible boot records

msign icon msign

An extremely minimal crypto and hash library designed with the intention of running on the simplest of microcontrollers.

msim icon msim

Tiny framework for creating certain types of simulations in limited resource environments.

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