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Robert Murray's Projects

cat-bot icon cat-bot

Raspberry Pi Python app for scheduled cat feeder

cat-bot-server icon cat-bot-server

Web server component to cat-bot: Raspberry Pi Python app for scheduled :smile_cat: cat feeder :smile_cat:

dotfiles icon dotfiles

:wrench: .files, including ~/.macos — sensible hacker defaults for macOS

ferver icon ferver

A Ruby gem to serve files over HTTP, packaged as a Ruby gem

five-star icon five-star

:star: FiveStar :star: is a library to build a rating system in Ruby

gb-geojson icon gb-geojson

View, create, edit, transform GeoJSON map data in British National Grid reference system.

gbify-geojson icon gbify-geojson

Reproject GeoJSON between OSGB36 GB National Grid and WGS84 CRSs

haz-commitz icon haz-commitz

A GitHub badge service displaying repository rating - Proof of Concept!

ipac icon ipac

IP addressing and Connectivity enterprise management application

jekyll-twitter-plugin icon jekyll-twitter-plugin

A Liquid tag plugin for the Jekyll blogging engine that embeds Tweets, Timelines and more from Twitter API

jekyll-version-plugin icon jekyll-version-plugin

A Liquid tag plugin for Jekyll that renders a version identifier for your Jekyll site, sourced from the git repository.

mr-correcter icon mr-correcter

MrCorrecter is a friendly guy, he searches Twitter for spelling mistakes and replies to the tweets pointing out to the tweeters that they have misspelled a word.

omega icon omega

Duke Nukem 3D level - Omega Station

os-leaflet icon os-leaflet

A Leafletjs TileLayer using Ordnance Survey OpenSpace web map service

rockstar icon rockstar

Rockstar is a wrapper for the audioscrobbler v2.0 ( web services. This gem includes scrobbling with the new api.

slack-tadobot icon slack-tadobot

Slack integration with Tado. Ask your Tado smart thermostat whats happening.

slowwly icon slowwly

A test service to mock a slow api response; responds to get and post methods

speedtest-bot icon speedtest-bot

Automatic SpeedTest bot that tweets daily broadband speed stats.

string-calc icon string-calc

A calculator based on string inputs; speak english... get math

sybrain icon sybrain

Scalping Trading Unit and Machine Learning using BitMEX API

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