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Personal Robotics Laboratory's Projects

ada icon ada

Software for ADA, the Assistive Dextrous Arm developed by the Personal Robotics Lab at CMU.

ada_feeding icon ada_feeding

Robot-assisted feeding demos and projects for the ADA robot

ada_ros2 icon ada_ros2

ROS2 Hardware Interface and Description for the ADA Robot

aikido icon aikido

Artificial Intelligence for Kinematics, Dynamics, and Optimization

appl icon appl

Mirror of the Approximate POMDP Planning (APPL) C++ toolkit for POMDP planning.

apriltags icon apriltags

ROS wrapper for the Apriltags visual fiducial tracker

apriltags-cpp icon apriltags-cpp

C++ port of the AprilTags library, using OpenCV (and optionally, CGAL)

ar_tools icon ar_tools

ROS metapackage for Augmented Reality Tools

authexternal icon authexternal

Auth plugin for Dokuwiki that uses Apache2 to authenticate users.

batching_pomp icon batching_pomp

Research code repository that implements anytime geometric motion planning on large dense roadmaps with densification strategies and searching via the POMP algorithm.

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