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Khalid ElSayed's Projects

iversion icon iversion

Library for dynamically checking for updates to Mac/iPhone App Store apps from within the application and notifying users about the new release. Can also notify users about new features in the app the first time they launch after an upgrade.

izork icon izork

an iPhone game that pays homage to an ancient classic

jalousie icon jalousie

An Android library providing layouts which can be expanded or collapsed.

jasidepanels icon jasidepanels

Reveal side ViewControllers similar to Facebook/Path's menu

java-code-styles icon java-code-styles

IntelliJ IDEA code style settings for Square's Java and Android projects.

jazzyviewpager icon jazzyviewpager

An easy to use ViewPager that adds an awesome set of custom swiping animations. Just change your ViewPagers to JazzyViewPagers, two more steps, and you're good to go!

jcdialpad icon jcdialpad

A customizable phone dial pad view similar to the iOS 7 Phone app's Keypad view.

jcricket icon jcricket

An android library to add popup hints over views

jcsprout icon jcsprout

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ Java Core Sprout : basic, concurrent, algorithm

jcstockgraph icon jcstockgraph

An easy way to show historical price graphs for any stock in your iOS app

jdmall icon jdmall

ι«˜δ»ΏδΊ¬δΈœε•†εŸŽη•Œι’ζΊη οΌŒθ―¦η»†δ»‹η»ε―ε‚θ€ƒ

jkexpandtableview icon jkexpandtableview

Expandable Nested Table View for iOS (iPhone & iPad). JKExpandTableView is subclass of UITableView.

jlblockalert icon jlblockalert

This is a subclass of the UIAlertView in order to make it implement blocks.

jljsonmodelobject icon jljsonmodelobject

Abstract model object class designed for smallest-possible subclasses and JSON services

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