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Khalid ElSayed's Projects

locationagent icon locationagent

This is a project I did for a friend to coordinate the actions of ingress agents.

locationpickerview icon locationpickerview

MKMapView + UITableView + Parallax scrolling. Provides a framework for building an interactive location picker on iOS.

lockapp icon lockapp

A simple lock app for Android that disables everything.

loic icon loic

An unofficial port of Low Orbit Ion Cannon to Android

longhorn icon longhorn

Longhorn is the code name for Stocktile, an Android application to follow stock tickers from different markets around the world.

lrimagemanager icon lrimagemanager

Objective-C simple image manager with memory and disk cache support

lsgapp icon lsgapp

Die LSGäpp für Schüler des Louise-Schroeder-Gymnasiums

lukeychainaccess icon lukeychainaccess

A wrapper for iOS Keychain Services that behaves just like NSUserDefaults.

lumicall icon lumicall

SIP and ENUM dialer for Android with ZRTP/SRTP encryption, SIP over TLS, ICE/TURN for NAT, G.729 and many other features

lynket-browser icon lynket-browser

A better browser for Android using the Custom Tab protocol. Previously called Chromer.

madial icon madial

MADial and MATimerDial are UIViews that can quickly and easily be created to add slick circular sliders or minute/second timers to your views.

maformviewcontroller icon maformviewcontroller

MAFormViewController is designed to be used in tandem with MATextFieldCells for extremely quick and easy UITableView-based form creation that automatically handles the form configuration, formatting, navigation, validation, and submission.

mailcore icon mailcore

MailCore 1.0 is a Mac/iOS framework for working with the e-mail protocols IMAP and SMTP.

mailcore2 icon mailcore2

MailCore 2 provide a simple and asynchronous API to work with e-mail protocols IMAP, POP and SMTP. The API has been redesigned from ground up.

making-apps-beautiful icon making-apps-beautiful

Companion source code for Sample app to go with the Android Dev Bytes series Making Apps Beautiful at

maloggingviewcontroller icon maloggingviewcontroller

MALoggingViewController is a real-time pseudo-console you can embed in your application, perfect for testing and debugging in the real world. Whether you are determining the reliability of network traffic while driving through areas with poor service, testing push notifications on ad-hoc builds while not connected to Xcode, or working out those pesky Core Location bugs, there's no need to carry around half of your development environment with you. No more driving around town with the Xcode console open, or having to handle logging to files and emailing them later to figure out what the heck happened - you can see all the data on your device, anywhere, in real time.

mamplauncher icon mamplauncher

A simple Mac application to control your MAMP server from a simple GUI.

map-adapter icon map-adapter

Android Map library to easy print markers into Google Map from DataBase

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