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Khalid ElSayed's Projects

play icon play

play ► — your company's dj

playcardgrid icon playcardgrid

Google Play Market Layout implemented using BucketListAdapter

pluginmanager icon pluginmanager

Several classes for Objective-C/Cocoa to help write plugins using common scripting languages.

pointerpopupwindow icon pointerpopupwindow

An extended PopupWindow which could add a pointer to the anchor view.You could set your own pointer image, this widget will compute the pointer location for you automatically.

polaris icon polaris

A library greatly enhancing the features of the Google Maps external library: Effortless map annotating, gesture support, map callout support, built-in “user tracking” mode, etc.

polaris2 icon polaris2

Polaris is a framework enhancing the Google Maps Android API v2. It aims to fix some of the most frustrating bugs of the original library and provide additional features.

ponydebugger icon ponydebugger

Remote network and data debugging for your native iOS app using Chrome Developer Tools

popcorn-time-ios icon popcorn-time-ios

Popcorn Time implementation for iOS platform. Stream your torrents directly

popoverview icon popoverview

A simple UIView popover control for iPhone/iPad written in CoreGraphics.

popoverview-1 icon popoverview-1

A Popover Controller for Android Tablets. It's an easy solution to simulate an iOS UIPopoverController

poppyview icon poppyview

Android library implementing a poppy view on scroll, similar to the one found in the Google Plus app

popup icon popup

Cocoa project with Popup window appearing from the status bar

popupdemo icon popupdemo

Demo of a Quick Action-like popup in Android

popupmenucompat icon popupmenucompat

A narrow-gauged compatibility library for Android's Holo-Widget "PopupMenu"

popupplaces icon popupplaces

An Android application which allows the user to select a location and add a notification to popup when they get there.

portdetective icon portdetective

An Android Application that detects open ports on a remote or local host on an ip based network.

ppiawesomebutton icon ppiawesomebutton

UIButton category with new methods to setup a button with text + FontAwesome Icon

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