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Khalid ElSayed's Projects

android-mapforgefragment icon android-mapforgefragment

*DEPRECATED: Use osmdroid* Port of the MapsForge library to provide a self-contained MapFragment for both the native type and compatibility library.

android-maps-utils icon android-maps-utils

Utility for Google Maps Android API. Includes Spherical geometry and Poly decoding functions.

android-menudrawer icon android-menudrawer

A slide-out menu implementation, which allows users to navigate between views in your app.

android-namefixer icon android-namefixer

Changes the display name for contacts from Lastname, Firstname to Firstname Lastname in the Android contact list. Supports all possible way to generate display name,with or without comma separator.

android-network-intents icon android-network-intents

Android Network Intents (ANI) is a library to send Android Intent objects to listening apps/devices via multicast (UDP).

android-note-widget icon android-note-widget

Note Widget Example app showing how to create widgets that react to size changes and display custom fonts.

android-oauth-client icon android-oauth-client

Android OAuth Client (android-oauth-client) is a library that helps to easily add an OAuth flow to an existing Android application.

android-ocr icon android-ocr

Experimental app for optical character recognition on Android.

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