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Khalid ElSayed's Projects

uicontrol-sound icon uicontrol-sound

A simple UIControl category for adding sounds to UI controls such as UIButton, UISwitch, UISegmentedControl, UITextField, etc.

uikeyboardtype-fix-demo icon uikeyboardtype-fix-demo

As described in that blog post there is no known action to determine the current UIKeyboardType of the keyboard. Use the CocoaPod to fix that issue in your code:

uireadmorelabel icon uireadmorelabel

UIReadMoreLabel is an UILabel extention that supports truncation string for "read more" cases when the text is too large to fit the UILabel frame.

uiwebview-blocks icon uiwebview-blocks

A simple implementation of UIWebView with Blocks instead of a messy delegate.

undobar icon undobar

The UI component for Android advanced UI pattern undo-bar, used in Gmail app, create by roman nurik

unifiedpreference icon unifiedpreference

A convinience library for working with all versions of the Android Preference package from API v4 and up

uniqueid icon uniqueid

A unique id generator for android that requires no permissions, and is stored on the device.

urlimageviewhelper icon urlimageviewhelper

Android library that sets an ImageView's contents from a url. Manages image downloading, caching, and makes your coffee too.

ushahidi_android icon ushahidi_android

Ushahidi is a web and mobile platform that allows you to create, visualize and share stories on a map. It allows individuals to share their stories on their own terms using the tools they already have. Ushahidi is free and open source software, so anyone can get involved by visiting Sync with any Ushahidi deployment. Send reports with images and location data as well as receive alerts from others who have sent in reports to the site. Works in offline mode.

uzysdragmenu icon uzysdragmenu

Drag Menu you can easily open and close using drag gesture

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