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Khalid ElSayed's Projects

three20 icon three20

Three20 is an Objective-C library for iPhone developers

tileview icon tileview

The TileView widget is a subclass of ViewGroup that provides a mechanism to asynchronously display tile-based images for the Android mobile-application development framework, with additional functionality for 2D dragging, flinging, pinch or double-tap to zoom, adding overlaying Views (markers), built-in Hot Spot support, dynamic path drawing, multiple levels of detail, and support for any relative positioning or coordinate system.

timber icon timber

A logger with a small, extensible API which provides utility on top of Android's normal Log class.

tin icon tin

Tin makes the internet easier in Cocoa.

tipcalculator icon tipcalculator

Very simple tip calculator implemented as an exercise project for Codepath

tiswipeabletableview icon tiswipeabletableview

Allows you to swipe a UITableViewCell and reveal a back view, functions like cells in the "Twitter" app.

titokenfieldview icon titokenfieldview

An iOS version of the NSTokenField (See To: field in Mail and Messages).

tivi icon tivi

Tivi is a work-in-progress TV show tracking Android app, which connects to It is still in its early stages of development and currently only contains two pieces of UI. It is under heavy development.

tjlbarbuttonmenu icon tjlbarbuttonmenu

A simple 3 button menu with a nice presentation and dismissal animation that is meant to be launched from a bar button item.

tjlbuttonview icon tjlbuttonview

A view with buttons arranged in a circle pattern that animate out from the center.

toast icon toast

An Objective-C category that adds Android-style toast notifications to iOS.

todo.txt-android icon todo.txt-android

Official Todo.txt Android app for managing your todo.txt file stored in Dropbox.

todo.txt-ios icon todo.txt-ios

Official Todo.txt iOS app for managing your todo.txt file stored in Dropbox.

tomato icon tomato

A magazine-style tumblr client.

tonedial icon tonedial

A DTMF Tone Dial Android™ Application

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