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Khalid ElSayed's Projects

knobs icon knobs

HTML and javascript knobs. Goal is to replicate the behavior of the knobs in Apple's GarageBand for iOS.

kprogresshud icon kprogresshud

An implement of ProgressHUD for Android, similar to MBProgressHUD, SVProgressHUD for iOS.

kvo-notification-manager icon kvo-notification-manager

KVOBlockNotificationCenter is a set of source code for using blocks with Cocoa's Key Value Observing (KVO). Originally inspired by Mike Ash's "KVO Done Right" blog post and code: See for more information.

kycirclemenu icon kycirclemenu

An open source iOS UI control that allows you to build a circular menu by laying out buttons in a circle pattern adjusting from the number of buttons (1~6).

labor icon labor

Source code to the Labor Wage Statistics Android app

layoutpageradapter icon layoutpageradapter

An extension of the PagerAdapter for android that allows to work with an array of layout ids

lazy-drawables icon lazy-drawables

A framework for loading/displaying images asynchronously in Android - released under Apache Licence v2

ledview icon ledview

CustomView Library emulating a round LED-light

leveyhud icon leveyhud

Some iOS guys may be tired of rounded rectangle loading HUD (like MBProgressHUD), steve said: Think Different.

libgdx icon libgdx

Desktop/Android/HTML5/iOS Java game development framework

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