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Khalid ElSayed's Projects

v8tryselector icon v8tryselector

Thought experiment adding the Rails concept of try to NSObject

vanilla icon vanilla

Vanilla Music Player for Android (abandoned)

vectormetaballs icon vectormetaballs

An Objective-C implementation of vector based metaballs, original implementation by Hannu Kankaanpää. (

velocityviewpager icon velocityviewpager

Custom Android ViewPager with support for flinging/velocity based scrolling.

verge icon verge

Open Source Verge iOS project

vertigo icon vertigo

Simple full screen image viewer with image zoom custom view controller transition

viewdeck icon viewdeck

An implementation of the sliding functionality found in the Path 2.0 or Facebook iOS apps.

viewpager3d icon viewpager3d

Extension of Android ViewPager with a 3D swipe effect

viewpagertransforms icon viewpagertransforms

Library containing common animations needed for transforming ViewPager scrolling for Android v13+.

vigo icon vigo

Vigo the Carpathian watches his viewers.

visualcruisecontrol icon visualcruisecontrol

A visual cruise control app. Set a desired speed and the screen color tells you if you're over or under the speed. Pause at stops. Requires SimpleLocations lib.

volley icon volley

Sample android app using Volley library.

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