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y.kankaya's Projects

exploit-writeups icon exploit-writeups

A collection where my current and future writeups for exploits/CTF will go

exploit_farm icon exploit_farm

The utility for CTF hacker competition for team hacking and flag submitting

exploit_me icon exploit_me

Very vulnerable ARM application (CTF style exploitation tutorial)

exploitable icon exploitable

This is CERT/CC's fork of the 'exploitable' GDB plugin. We're maintaining this for historical purposes, but not currently actively participating in its development. Please submit issues or pull requests to the main (jfoote's) project.

exploitpack icon exploitpack

Exploit Pack -The next generation exploit framework

exploits icon exploits

Some are on exploit-db, some aren't. Mostly useless.

expo icon expo

☀️ a sunny app for expediting take out orders in javascript ☀️

expo-1 icon expo-1

An expo / table numbers app for your Devpost hackathon

expo-sdk icon expo-sdk

The Expo SDK. Documented at

express icon express

Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node.

express-jwt icon express-jwt

connect/express middleware that validates a JsonWebToken (JWT) and set the req.user with the attributes

expressa icon expressa

API creation middleware with an admin interface

expresso icon expresso

A simple expressions language with polymorphic extensible row types.

exserial icon exserial

Java Untrusted Deserialization Exploits Tools

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