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aspnetcore-doc-cn icon aspnetcore-doc-cn

dotNET Core Studying Group 关于 Asp.Net Core Documentation 简体中文翻译计划工作项目

aspnetcore2_jwt icon aspnetcore2_jwt

Exemplo de uso de JWT (JSON Web Token) e Bearer Authentication em uma API REST criada com o ASP.NET Core 2.0

aspnetcoremultitenant icon aspnetcoremultitenant

Multitenant ASP.NET Core application to serve as a starting point for real multitenant applications

aspnetcoremvc icon aspnetcoremvc

Travel company website in ASP.NET Core with MVC, MVVM, Dependency Injection, Entity Framework, Repository Design, Identity and Role Management

aspnetmvcadm icon aspnetmvcadm

Template for ASP.NET MVC 4 with Admin of Roles and Users

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