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y.kankaya's Projects

atrapa icon atrapa

ATraPA. Analizador de trrafico pasivo

atscan icon atscan

Advanced dork Search & Mass Exploit Scanner

attack-navigator icon attack-navigator

Web app that provides basic navigation and annotation of ATT&CK matrices

attackrsa icon attackrsa

An all-in-one tool including many common attacks against RSA problems in CTF.

attify-zigbee-framework icon attify-zigbee-framework

GUI Framework on top of Killerbee

attributerouting icon attributerouting

Define your routes using attributes on actions in ASP.NET MVC and Web API.

audio icon audio

Sleek radial audio player skin for the <audio> tag

authbot icon authbot

General authentication/authorization Bot Framework sample

authcov icon authcov

Web app authorization coverage scanning

authelia icon authelia

The Single Sign-On Multi-Factor portal for web apps

authmatrix icon authmatrix

AuthMatrix is a Burp Suite extension that provides a simple way to test authorization in web applications and web services.

auto-gpt-powershell icon auto-gpt-powershell

AutoGPT is a compact, modular, and user-friendly PowerShell interface for text generation with GPT-4 language models or OpenAI's API. It supports offline usage with GPT4All and offers customizable plugins for input, output, and startup configurations. Users can seamlessly switch between local GPT-4 models and OpenAI API.

autobisect icon autobisect

Automatic bisection of testcases for Firefox Browser and SpiderMonkey Shell

autoblue-ms17-010 icon autoblue-ms17-010

This is just an semi-automated fully working, no-bs, non-metasploit version of the public exploit code for MS17-010 AKA EternalBlue

autoclave icon autoclave

repeatedly run programs until they break, and be ready to attach a debugger

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