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y.kankaya's Projects

blocksparse icon blocksparse

Efficient GPU kernels for block-sparse matrix multiplication and convolution

blog icon blog

A flat file Blog and CMS that doesn't skimp on features, and can be implemented in any website.

blog-1 icon blog-1

本仓库存放个人博客的 markdown 源文件

blog-2 icon blog-2

Jsf PrimeFaces Hibernate Crud Example

blog-core icon blog-core

Modular blog using Blazor with clean domain-driven design patterns

blogdashboard icon blogdashboard

This is a web app that focuses on a user dashboard where users can updated their profile and admins can create, modify, and delete users. All users have a blog where they can post comments and other users can comment on. Created with C#/ASP .NET Core using Entity Framework and MySQL.

blogengine icon blogengine

A simple Node.js blog engine with help of NoSQL embedded database.

blogifier icon blogifier

Blogifier is simple, beautiful, light-weight open source blog written in ASP.NET Core

blood icon blood

Layer 7 DDoS Panel with Cloudflare Bypass ( UAM, CAPTCHA, BFM, etc.. )

bloodhound-1 icon bloodhound-1

一键自动化域渗透工具Six Degrees of Domain Admin

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