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a-blogsite icon a-blogsite

This is a tool or a content management system (CMS) for a website that is based on ASP.NET, MVC, C# and MS SQL. The frontend design can be changed in the backend interface of a-blogsite, this makes it possible to have unique websites that are based on the same codebase.

a2-captcha icon a2-captcha

An app to check internet connection and solve captchas easier on Android.

a2sv icon a2sv

Auto Scanning to SSL Vulnerability

a3s icon a3s

Enterprise ready Authentication, Authorisation & Accounting OAuth2 Identity Service.

aatg icon aatg

ASCII Art Text Generator - a console app for generating ASCII art from ASCII text.

abbrase icon abbrase

password generation based on abbreviating phrases made with markov chains

absorber icon absorber

An advance keylogger that works and also logs special keys including uppercase letters as well.

ace icon ace

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

ace-rails-ap icon ace-rails-ap

The Cloud9 Editor (Ace) for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline.

acidfs icon acidfs

GIT on ACID. Use the fileystem from Python in a transactional, consistent way using Git.

aclight icon aclight

A script for advanced discovery of Privileged Accounts - includes Shadow Admins

aco icon aco

A C++ Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm for the traveling salesman problem.

aco-1 icon aco-1

Ant Colony Optimization in Cpp

across-tabs icon across-tabs

Easy communication between cross-origin browser tabs. Simple "CORS"ing!

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