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y.kankaya's Projects

firepad icon firepad

Collaborative Text Editor Powered by Firebase

firepano icon firepano

A simple client-side photo sharing site.

firereader icon firereader

Firereader: A feed reader built with Firebase and AngularJS

firesim icon firesim

FireLight show designer and visualizer

firmadyne icon firmadyne

System for emulation and dynamic analysis of Linux-based firmware

firmwalker icon firmwalker

Script for searching the extracted firmware file system for goodies!

firmware_slap icon firmware_slap

Discovering vulnerabilities in firmware through concolic analysis and function clustering.

fishhook icon fishhook

A library that enables dynamically rebinding symbols in Mach-O binaries running on iOS.

fission icon fission

The programming language that defies the laws of physics

fitbitphp icon fitbitphp

Basic wrapper class for OAuth-based Fitbit ( REST API. Library handles whole OAuth authorization workflow, optional session handling ("Sign-in with Fitbit" workflow) and has wrappers for complete list of Resource-API methods as well as managing subscriptions.

fizzbuzzenterpriseedition icon fizzbuzzenterpriseedition

FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition is a no-nonsense implementation of FizzBuzz made by serious businessmen for serious business purposes.

flame icon flame

A compiler framework for managed code.

flamelink icon flamelink

Javascript SDK for integrating with Flamelink CMS 🔥

flaming-octo-puss icon flaming-octo-puss

Visual debugging for PhantomJS / CasperJS - allows you to see what the browser is rendering

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