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y.kankaya's Projects

loopback icon loopback

LoopBack makes it easy to build modern applications that require complex integrations.

lopdf icon lopdf

A Rust library for PDF document manipulation.

love-tunes icon love-tunes

Vortrag ueber Lowlevel Sound Synthese bei der GPN10

lpeworkshop icon lpeworkshop

Windows / Linux Local Privilege Escalation Workshop

lphant icon lphant

lphant 1.01 source code, the last version that was still GPL!

lsassy icon lsassy

Extract credentials from lsass remotely

lsb-toolkit icon lsb-toolkit

This is a small and simple toolkit that might be useful during steganalysis, it is currently composed by several general purpose command line tools.

lsbasi icon lsbasi

Let's Build A Simple Interpreter

lscript icon lscript

The LAZY script will make your life easier, and of course faster.

lscript-1 icon lscript-1

全能无线渗透测试工具The LAZY script will make your life easier, and of course faster.

lteinspector icon lteinspector

Models, properties, and write-up of LTEInspector (NDSS'18)

ltmorphinglabel icon ltmorphinglabel

[EXPERIMENTAL] Graceful morphing effects for UILabel written in Swift.

lua-vec2d icon lua-vec2d

Quick 2D vectors functions (not a class) to work with any table that contains x,y values.

luckystrike icon luckystrike

A PowerShell based utility for the creation of malicious Office macro documents.

luis-samples icon luis-samples

Samples for the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)

lumberjack icon lumberjack

Lumberjack is a logging interface for shell scripts

lup icon lup

Easy to use CSS3 transition manager

lux icon lux

Build scalable, Node.js-powered REST JSON APIs with almost no code.

luxon icon luxon

⏱ A library for working with dates and times in JS

lwan icon lwan

Experimental, scalable, high performance HTTP server

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