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y.kankaya's Projects

micropython icon micropython

MicroPython - a lean and efficient Python implementation for microcontrollers and constrained systems

microsploit icon microsploit

Fast and easy create backdoor office exploitation using module metasploit packet , Microsoft Office , Open Office , Macro attack , Buffer Overflow

midismoke icon midismoke

MIDI Smoke Simulator -

midsemi icon midsemi

MidSemI is a mediator-based integration system that integrate information and searches for entities about persons, organizations, and products in internal enterprise CRM relational database and link it with semi-structured Facebook social network data and structured DBPedia linked data.

mies icon mies

Minimal ClojureScript project template

migrant icon migrant

Fast and flexible serialization framework usable on undecorated classes.

mime icon mime

Mime map / lookup utility

mimic icon mimic

[ab]using Unicode to create tragedy

mimikatz icon mimikatz

A little tool to play with Windows security

mimikittenz icon mimikittenz

A post-exploitation powershell tool for extracting juicy info from memory.

mimipenguin icon mimipenguin

A tool to dump the login password from the current linux user

mimir icon mimir

OSINT Threat Intel Interface

min icon min

A smarter, faster web browser

min-1 icon min-1

min value in array -- min(users, 'age')

mind-map icon mind-map


minerhavoc icon minerhavoc

Wide internet scanner for etherum and other bitcoin mining devices using default SSH credentials

minero icon minero

NLP as service, rest api for nlp

miniblog icon miniblog

A minimal blog engine using Razor Web Pages

minicombat icon minicombat

A combat visualisation tool inspired by a uni project.

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