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python_gdork_sqli icon python_gdork_sqli

This python script is developed to show, how many vulnerables websites, which are laying around on the web. 1) Scan net for urls prone to SQL injection 2) Check if urls is vulnerable 3) Exploit with sqlmap

pytractor icon pytractor

Python selenium extensions for testing angular.js apps

pytricks icon pytricks

Collection of less popular features and tricks for the Python programming language

pyvoca icon pyvoca

pyVoca is a simple english-english dictionay in cli.

q icon q

q - vim like macro registers for your bash and zsh shell!

q-1 icon q-1

Exploit Pack for Metasploit - Collection of modules gathered across time and internets

q-rest icon q-rest

Extensible framework for Queries over HTTP

qira icon qira

QEMU Interactive Runtime Analyser

qpdf icon qpdf

PDF viewer widget for Qt

qrc icon qrc

QR code generator for text terminals (ASCII art, Sixel)

qrcoder icon qrcoder

A pure C# Open Source QR Code implementation

qrljacking icon qrljacking

QRLJacking or Quick Response Code Login Jacking is a simple-but-nasty attack vector affecting all the applications that relays on “Login with QR code” feature as a secure way to login into accounts which aims for hijacking users session by attackers.

qtypes icon qtypes

Rule based Answer Type classification system in Node.js

quadfile icon quadfile

The filesharing service everyone either hates or loves

qubely icon qubely

Qubely Blocks – Full-fledged Gutenberg Toolkit

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