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y.kankaya's Projects

squire icon squire

HTML5 rich text editor. Try the demo integration at

src2png icon src2png

📸💻 Turn your source code into beautiful syntax-highlighted images.

srchunter icon srchunter


srssploit icon srssploit

A free and open-source Roblox exploit powered by the WeAreDevs API. To make it hard for people to modify the project, I'm obfuscating the code, and also adding 100 keys and possibly more with future updates. To receive a key, you must DM me on Discord (srsklrboii#2903).

ssa icon ssa

Automatically exported from

ssa.js icon ssa.js

Construction of minimal SSA form

ssct icon ssct

A wrapper tool for shadowsocks to consistently bypass firewalls.

sse-chat icon sse-chat

Chat example app using Server Sent Events plus REST calls. Scala, Play Framework 2.2, AngularJS.

ssf icon ssf

Secure Socket Funneling - Network tool and toolkit - TCP and UDP port forwarding, SOCKS proxy, remote shell, standalone and cross platform

ssh-badkeys icon ssh-badkeys

A collection of static SSH keys (public and private) that have made their way into software and hardware products.

ssh-honeypot icon ssh-honeypot

Fake sshd that logs ip addresses, usernames, and passwords.

ssh_scan icon ssh_scan

A prototype SSH configuration and policy scanner (Blog:

sshb0t icon sshb0t

A bot for keeping your ssh authorized_keys up to date with user's GitHub keys, **only** use if you enable 2FA & keep your keys updates.

sshcd icon sshcd

Connect with SSH and cd (change directory) with one command.

sshorty icon sshorty

A progressive, customizable armored SSH tunnel implant for Linux and MacOS systems

sshp icon sshp

Host chaining, search available configuration and other helpful commands for everyday ssh-related task.

sshprank icon sshprank

A fast SSH mass-scanner, login cracker and banner grabber tool using the python-masscan and shodan module.

sshpwn icon sshpwn

:bomb: A modular framework and program for synchronous pwning with ssh, powered by Python 3, for educational and controlled penetration testing purposes only.

sshuttle icon sshuttle

Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man's VPN. Forwards over ssh. Doesn't require admin. Works with Linux and MacOS. Supports DNS tunneling.

ssl icon ssl

SSL - Solving CAPTCHAs. Homework project.

sslkill icon sslkill

Forced Man-In-The-Middle HTTPs-Avoiding Reverse Proxy

sslmerge icon sslmerge

Is an open source tool to help you build a valid SSL certificate chain from the root certificate to the end-user certificate. Also can help you fix the incomplete certificate chain and download all missing CA certificates.

sslscan icon sslscan

sslscan tests SSL/TLS enabled services to discover supported cipher suites

sslsniff icon sslsniff

A tool for automated MITM attacks on SSL connections.

sslstrip icon sslstrip

A tool for exploiting Moxie Marlinspike's SSL "stripping" attack.

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