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y.kankaya's Projects

text-grab icon text-grab

Use OCR in Windows 10 quickly and easily with Text Grab. No background processes and no popups.

textangular icon textangular

A radically powerful Text-Editor/Wysiwyg editor for Angular.js! Create multiple editor instances, two-way-bind HTML content, watch editors for changes and more!

textcaptcha_solver_ruby icon textcaptcha_solver_ruby

TextCaptcha Solver is Ruby gem that can beat any TextCaptcha question, with a staggering 100% accuracy.

textcaptchadecoder icon textcaptchadecoder

The fastest, the best and the cheapest text captcha solver

textpattern icon textpattern

A flexible, elegant, fast and easy-to-use content management system written in PHP.

tfm icon tfm

Tyler's Frame Machine is a simple, free, educational, and portable tool for testing, benchmarking, comparison, and demonstration. TFM supports OpenGL, DirectX 11, DirectX 12, Metal, and most importantly, Vulkan!

tfmyvalentine-cotw icon tfmyvalentine-cotw

Speed-dating match prediction based on Anna Montoya's Speed Dating Experiment Datasets

tfquery icon tfquery

tfquery: Run SQL queries on your Terraform infrastructure. Query resources and analyze its configuration using a SQL-powered framework.

tgen icon tgen

A powerful traffic generator that can model complex behaviors using Markov models and an action-dependency graph.

th3inspector icon th3inspector

Th3Inspector 🕵️ best tool for Information Gathering 🔎

thanos icon thanos

Thanos is a tool made for scan a range of IP's and get the banners of the running services. The main function is do banner grabber, but you also can use this for exploit vulnerabilities, find proxy servers, or simply check for open ports.

the-endorser icon the-endorser

An OSINT tool that allows you to draw out relationships between people on LinkedIn via endorsements/skills.

the-maker icon the-maker

The Maker is a Content Management System (CMS) for websites.

thea icon thea

OWL2 library for Prolog

theano icon theano

Theano is a Python library that allows you to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently. It can use GPUs and perform efficient symbolic differentiation.

theca icon theca

a simple, fully featured command line note taking tool written in Rust

thefatrat icon thefatrat

Easy tool for generate backdoor with msfvenom ( part of metasploit framework ) and program compiles a C program with a popular payload it that can then be executed on a windows,android,or mac anything. Program to create a C program after it is compiled that will bypass most AV ( Antivirus )

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