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value icon value

get / set form input values

vampy icon vampy

VAMPY - Minimal tool for RAM dumping.

vapt icon vapt

Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Tool (VAPT) This is a framework built for pen-testers and teams to collect and correlate data during a penetration test.

vault icon vault

Various code from the past (for historical purposes)

vault-8-hive icon vault-8-hive

Hive solves a critical problem for the malware operators at the CIA.

vayne-rat icon vayne-rat

An Advanced C# .NET Rat, It’s Stable and Contains Many Features.

vba-runpe icon vba-runpe

A VBA implementation of the RunPE technique or how to bypass application whitelisting.

vbgcms icon vbgcms

Open Source Content Mangment System using ASP.NET MVC and NHibernate

vbscan icon vbscan

OWASP VBScan is a Black Box vBulletin Vulnerability Scanner

vcr icon vcr

Vulnerability Compliance Report Tool used to parse Nessus files into html reports created by SynerComm, Inc.

vcrpy icon vcrpy

Automatically mock your HTTP interactions to simplify and speed up testing

vdesk icon vdesk

Launch programs on new virtual desktops.

vectores icon vectores

Varios vectores utilizados en tutoriales.

vegile icon vegile

This tool will setting up your backdoor/rootkits when backdoor already setup it will be hidden your spesisifc process,unlimited your session in metasploit and transparent. Even when it killed, it will re-run again. There always be a procces which while run another process,So we can assume that this procces is unstopable like a Ghost in The Shell

veil icon veil

Veil 3.1.X (Check version info in Veil at runtime)

veil-ordnance icon veil-ordnance

Veil-Ordnance is a tool designed to quickly generate MSF stager shellcode

veil-powerview icon veil-powerview

Veil-PowerView is a powershell tool to gain network situational awareness on Windows domains.

venom icon venom

venom (metasploit) shellcode generator/compiler/listener

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