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y.kankaya's Projects

what-anime-cli icon what-anime-cli

β“πŸ–Ό Find the anime scene by image using your terminal

whatnext icon whatnext

A simple, lightweight task/issue tracker

whatshack icon whatshack

Script to generate Android App to get all WhatsApp media (images, audios, videos)

whatsrce icon whatsrce

This is a Automated Generate Payload for CVE-2019-11932 (WhatsApp Remote Code Execution)

whatwaf icon whatwaf

Detect and bypass web application firewalls and protection systems

whatweb-plus icon whatweb-plus

whatweb ε’žεΌΊη‰ˆ 及 ι›†εˆ5000+插仢 οΌˆζδΎ›exeη‰ˆοΌ‰

wheelzoom icon wheelzoom

A small script for zooming IMG elements with the mousewheel/trackpad.

when icon when

A solid, fast Promises/A+ and when() implementation, plus other async goodies.

whereami icon whereami

Uses WiFi signals :signal_strength: and machine learning to predict where you are

whisker icon whisker

Whisker is a C# tool for taking over Active Directory user and computer accounts by manipulating their msDS-KeyCredentialLink attribute, effectively adding "Shadow Credentials" to the target account.

whistle icon whistle

HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket debugging proxy

whoa-nelly icon whoa-nelly

A slack slash command to stop a user who's done something naughty and let them have a talking to

whoaint icon whoaint

I just want to know if the domain name is available, yo

whoisinthelab icon whoisinthelab

Simple Web API which scans the network and provides a list of people available based on the MAC addresses of their devices.

wholeaked icon wholeaked

a file-sharing tool that allows you to find the responsible person in case of a leakage

whonow icon whonow

A "malicious" DNS server for executing DNS Rebinding attacks on the fly (public instance running on

whp icon whp

Micro$oft Windows Hacking Pack

whynotwin11 icon whynotwin11

Detection Script to help identify why your PC isn't Windows 11 ready

wide-snes icon wide-snes

Super Mario World (SNES) Widescreen Project

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