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y.kankaya's Projects

xoopscore icon xoopscore

Core Framework for next version of XOOPS CMS: 2.6.0

xor icon xor

tiny xor utility function

xortool icon xortool

A tool to analyze multi-byte xor cipher

xploitspy icon xploitspy

XploitSPY is an Android Monitoring / Spying Tool

xray icon xray

XRay is a tool for recon, mapping and OSINT gathering from public networks.

xray-1 icon xray-1

An experimental next-generation Electron-based text editor

xrulez icon xrulez

A command line tool for creating malicious outlook rules

xs icon xs

An extensible shell (descended from es and rc) having functional semantics and a conventional syntax.

xservice icon xservice

.NET project template for enterprise console applications and services

xss-listener icon xss-listener

🕷️ XSS Listener is a penetration tool for easy to steal data with various XSS.

xss.swf icon xss.swf

a tiny tool for swf hacking, just browse it:)

xssearch icon xssearch

XSSearch is a comprehensive reflected XSS tool built on selenium framework in python language. It contains more than 3000 payloads for automating XSS attacks and validating XSS endpoint

xsshunter icon xsshunter

The XSS Hunter service - a portable version of

xsshunter-express icon xsshunter-express

An easy-to-setup version of XSS Hunter. Sets up in five minutes and requires no maintenance!

xssless icon xssless

An automated XSS payload generator written in python.

xssor icon xssor


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