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bypass-uac icon bypass-uac

Small utility written in c++ to bypass windows UAC prompt

bypass_av icon bypass_av

Bypass_AV msf免杀,ShellCode免杀加载器 ,免杀shellcode执行程序 ,360&火绒&Windows Defender

bypassav-1 icon bypassav-1

This map lists the essential techniques to bypass anti-virus and EDR

bzrshelve icon bzrshelve

A punchline. An implementation of Python's shelve API on a Bazaar backend.

c-cuda-dna-text-file-processing icon c-cuda-dna-text-file-processing

This program parses a file containing DNA information, namely a large codon sequence and proceeds to register the occurrences of each codon. After completion, the function then return a list containing an overview of the total presence of codons in the sequence parsed; this information can be used by biologists to perform different kinds of statistical analysis. icon

Introduction to ASP.NET Core, Views & Layout, Filters & Middleware, Working with Data, Security & Identity, Architecture, Testing, Web API, SignalR, Razor Pages, Blazor

c2bridge icon c2bridge

C2Bridges allow developers to create new custom communication protocols and quickly utilize them within Covenant.

c3d icon c3d

C3D is a modified version of BVLC caffe to support 3D ConvNets.

c4 icon c4

C in four functions

cabinet icon cabinet

A lightweight fast static file server for node loaded with useful features

cabsploit icon cabsploit

Windows cab utilities exploit/bug by Myst1c

cachemanager icon cachemanager

CacheManager is an open source caching abstraction layer for .NET written in C#. It supports various cache providers and implements many advanced features.

cacti icon cacti

An ASP.NET Core CMS and Blog Engine

cactus icon cactus

Static site generator for designers. Uses Python and Django templates.

cactustorch icon cactustorch

CACTUSTORCH: Payload Generation for Adversary Simulations

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