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y.kankaya's Projects

crypto_identifier icon crypto_identifier

Crypto tool for pentest and ctf : try to uncipher data using multiple algorithms and block chaining modes. Usefull for a quick check on unknown cipher text and key dictionnary

cryptosphere icon cryptosphere

Encrypted peer-to-peer web application platform for decentralized, privacy-preserving applications

cs-suite icon cs-suite

Cloud Security Suite - One stop tool for auditing the security posture of AWS & GCP infrastructure.

csagent icon csagent

CobaltStrike 4.x通用白嫖及汉化加载器

csdesign icon csdesign

Simple examples of concurrent server design in Python

csf icon csf

ArmourBird CSF - Container Security Framework

csfm icon csfm

Cobalt Strike Field Manual - A quick reference for Windows commands that can be accessed in a beacon console.

csharpessentials icon csharpessentials

C# Essentials是一个Roslyn特征分析程序集合C# Essentials is a collection of Roslyn diagnostic analyzers, code fixes and refactorings that make it easy to work with C# 6 language features.

csharpextensions icon csharpextensions

A set of annotations and analyzers that add additional constraints to your codebase

csharpmacros icon csharpmacros

A simple template base system of macros for C# that can be executed in design time

cshell icon cshell

A simple, yet powerful, C# scripting IDE and REPL

css icon css

DOM element css helper

css-1 icon css-1

Assorted CSS and UI experiments.

css-filters-polyfill icon css-filters-polyfill

This polyfill takes the official CSS filters syntax and translates it to the different equivalent techniques that the browsers know for those effects

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