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cve-2021-3449 icon cve-2021-3449

CVE-2021-3449 OpenSSL denial-of-service exploit 👨🏻‍💻

cve-2021-3493 icon cve-2021-3493

CVE-2021-3493 Ubuntu OverlayFS Local Privesc (Interactive Bash Shell & Execute Command Entered)

cve-2021-36260 icon cve-2021-36260

command injection vulnerability in the web server of some Hikvision product. Due to the insufficient input validation, attacker can exploit the vulnerability to launch a command injection attack by sending some messages with malicious commands.

cve-2021-37980 icon cve-2021-37980

PoC CVE-2021-37980 : Inappropriate implementation in Sandbox (windows only)

cve-2021-4035 icon cve-2021-4035

PoC for PwnKit: Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in polkit’s pkexec (CVE-2021-4034)

cve-2021-40444 icon cve-2021-40444

CVE-2021-40444 - Fully Weaponized Microsoft Office Word RCE Exploit

cve-2021-40449 icon cve-2021-40449

My exploit for CVE-2021-40449, a Windows LPE via a UAF in win32kfull!GreResetDCInternal.

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