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y.kankaya's Projects

dirbuster-ng icon dirbuster-ng

dirbuster-ng is C CLI implementation of the Java dirbuster tool

dircreate2system icon dircreate2system

Weaponizing to get NT SYSTEM for Privileged Directory Creation Bugs with Windows Error Reporting

directionality icon directionality

Determines the writing system's directionality based on characters tests.

directus icon directus

Directus is an Open-Source Headless CMS & API for Managing Custom Databases

dirt icon dirt

Driver Initial Reconnaissance Tool

dirtycow icon dirtycow

Dirty Cow Exploit for Vulnerable Linux System (Ubuntu 16.04)

disableuac icon disableuac

Windows Service in C# written to disable UAC in the registry on a timer.

disconnect icon disconnect

An easy to use Node.js client with OAuth support to connect with the API v2.0

discordrat icon discordrat

Discord Remote Administration Tool fully written in Python

discourse icon discourse

A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

discover icon discover

For use with Kali Linux. Custom bash scripts used to automate various pentesting tasks.

distro icon distro

Torch installation in a self-contained folder

disturbed icon disturbed

A distributed event emitter for the browser and node

disunity icon disunity

An experimental toolset for Unity asset and asset bundle files.

div.js icon div.js

A framework for the HTML programming language.

django-defectdojo icon django-defectdojo

DefectDojo is an open-source application vulnerability correlation and security orchestration tool.

django-excel-response icon django-excel-response

This is a fork of which was originally

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